Sunday, August 16, 2009

Top of the Rock- Rockefeller Center

Tare Zameen Par?
This chandelier in the lobby caught my eye. Actually I was quite enamored by it.

Top of the Rock? All these pictures are from the 70th floor of Rockefeller Plaza (Also known as Top of the Rock), which is 850 feet or 260 m above ground.

One more view of the central park! The whole thing!

This building stood out for me- it was so traditional/old school (in a good sort of way) in midst of all the steel high rise buildings!

Top of the Chrysler building.

I found the architecture fascinating. All the swirls, on top of each other, reminded me of a beautiful cake (I think I must have been hungry). It must be fascinating to sit on the other side in the building and have a office.

Contemplating! Very cool attitude.

Another view of the chandelier- looks totally different – doesn’t it?

Please double click on the pictures if you would like to see bigger/sharper images.


'अदा' said...

...marvellous, awesome !!
aapki nazaron se dunia dekhna bahut hi accha lag raha hai....

Mohan said...

Too good! Especially the very first pic is a great shot! I liked the title for that pic too :)

Mridula said...

So now I know where you took the previous picture from and that top of the Chrysler Building looks quite beautiful.

Tarun Mitra said...

Great Pics..

The first picture is tribute to your photography, simply great conception, looks like chandelier falling like rain. Simply Great

Good Second Shot of Central Park

For the third picture building; yes a different style really catches eyes

For the fourth picture, The swirls in building is fascinating. But sadly the company is in distraught.

For the fifth picture, sweet kid.

For the last one, just shows how good was your first picture..

ANULAL said...

I can only say I lack words to describe. Beautiful!!

Sushma Sharma said...

हिन्दी में कब लिखोगी सुजाता जी?

Rush said...

loved top of chrysler!!

Anonymous said...

Not for those with height fears, eh? Very cool shots. The chrysler building was once used as inspiration for a project runway dress. Can't remember the name of the guy who made it, but it was lovely!

Sujata said...

Ada ji- shukria. You have a way of using words!

Mohan – Thanks! Finally you like the caption! :)

Mridula – thanks!

Tarun Mitra – WOW-thanks! Your comments are very validating. Very cool analysis… I really apprecite your support...

ANULAL –thank you so much.

Sushma Sharma Jaldi hi. Once my Hindi teacher after seeing my notebook more red than blue said- Ram milaye jodi ik andha ik kodi -
did I mention my friend was the other culprit! :)

Rush –me too!

the Lost Earring –Nope not for the faint hearted.
After your comment I checked out the dress-it is quite famous-interesting not what I had conjoured in my mind.

Jeevan said...

Can’t believe these are buildings, just seems like arranged blocks! wonderful pictures.

Sujata said...

Jeeven- very good observation! they do seem like boxes, dont they?

bindu said...

I really like that picture of the Top of the Chrysler building.

Sujata said...

Thanks Bindu!

Anonymous said...

chandelier is always an art but your clicks are an art within art.
rain drop, isnt it.
Excellent - keep clicking.
cheers !!!