Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

I was in Washington DC last week for a conference. After the conference we stayed over for few days to enjoy the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. I have to say the blossoms in full bloom are a sight to behold. Even though this was our second visit coinciding with the fortnight long festival, the sight of the trees laden with flowers was still as breathtaking. The vision and the splendor erased the memory of airline misplacing my luggage for a full 24 hours!!!!!

The blooms splendid in all their glory also make you conscious of the fleeting quality of life. For these flowers only bloom once at the onset of the spring and that too for a few days. Last year it was almost surreal to see the petals fill the Potomac’s Tidal Basin (trees are planted all around the basin forming a circle) when a strong gust of wind blew them off the trees.