Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quintessential Sedona …

In picture: rock formations around the city
I was in Sedona most of last week for a business trip. These are some of the pictures/moments from the week…

The unusual red colors of the earth/rocks come from the Iron oxide in a post-glacial flooding that filled all of the Verde Valley.

My first evening started with a cool glass of ‘Sangria’ which is Red wine with La Pinta pomegranate tequila, hibiscus and triple sec! I must say it is worth a try…

In picture: Chile Relleno with a side of corn tortilla, and beans topped with salsa

Dinner was Chile Relleno with vegetable picadillo, goat cheese and queso Oaxaca. Vegetable picadillo was an interesting twist to the dish! I wonder that’s why chef called it picadillo!

Many homes have adobe style, which can also be seen through out south west. House on the botton of the hill reflects the style.

Wide open spaces....

Room with a view..

Play of light on the leaves caught my eye...outside Hilton
I saw use of red rocks in the design elements though out the city, which creates a very harmonious visual effect…almost one with nature.

In picture: statue at the entrance of Sedona Hilton
There is a very big influence of Native American heritage on art.

I fell in love with this vibrant-colorful/so-full-of-mischief sculpture by a local artist. It was also so-out-of-my price-range!

Tamed...The tall one is Saguaro- an cactus found only in Arizona. It can grow several stories tall.

Play of color and light on the rocks...

The two shots were taken within minutes of each other...

At the end of the trip, we did get a chance to visit Palatki and Honanki Ruins. They are both a World Heritage site.

In picture: Palatki ruins
The people responsible for creating the ruins are the Sinagua (literally means without water) people, who lived in central Arizona between 500 AD and 1425. There are no signs of them anywhere and historians are not certain but they surmise that warfare and drought were key factors in their departure or extinction.

Site of the Ruins- taken from a distance. The dwellings were almost 20-30ft above ground, just where the tree line ends.

Luminous sunset, hinting all things must come to an end…..

Neela asman so gaya....

Fitting end to a wonderful trip..

Through my lens- Weekend shot

Kahin door jab din dhal jaye........
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sedona- The Red Rock Country....

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Sedona often known as the “Red Rock Country” is a picturesque quaint city/town surrounded by red-rock monoliths in Northern Arizona.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Everyone has a gift to give......

One day came home from work and found him sleeping in this bag....and I felt as though he was communicating with me without saying a word!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Another display-Pinky Saree Centre

Display outside a shop in inner city Jaipur
We were driving though the fort when this colorful display caught my eye.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pushkar-through my lens

Brahma Ghat: eternally peaceful
Pushkar lies on the shore of Pushkar Lake, in the Thar desert in the state of Rajasthan in India.The picturesque lake of Pushkar is set in a valley, surrounded by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the fourth. Pushkar is one of the sacred places for the Hindus; it has five principal temples, many smaller temples and 52 Ghats where pilgrims bathe in the sacred waters.
I really loved the time we spent there, some times I wish was there again. For me the turbaned heads of men, and colorful veils and skirts of the women, truly brought alive the arid desertscape. .

Amazing art work on the ceiling of our hotel room...
One thing we are very particular about is clean bathrooms in the hotels we stay in, Pushkar was no exception. It took us a while to find this one! Very clean….

Breath taking smile, with all the innocence of childhood.

Getting rid of all the sins...Pushkar sanan..

Man and wife - a team. I really like this picture, to me it very eloquently speaks of a union..

Few more women can see the excitement for the trip in their eyes.
We were sitting on the Ghats enjoying some live folk music when we saw a SUV stop with very dark tinted windows. It took me by surprise to see a bunch of women who kept spilling out it…. they were very sweet and readily agreed to posed  for some  pictures.

Shadhu- contemplating..

Mother and daughter- man and nature- bonding...

Husband and wife duo- singing on the ghats....
During his wonderful recital we got chatting with him, when he told us about his family history, and that they have been singing on the Ghats for generations, and he hoped his children will continue the tradition. It is his second wife (in pictures) who accompanies him these days; she had a very powerful raw voice. He was very used to the tourist culture and it did not surprise us when at the end of the session he produced shoddily prepared a CD for us to buy at exorbitant price!
Her eyes say it all!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Through my lens- Weekend shots

India Gate -taken during my last visit to India
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