Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Texas- a pleasant surprise!!!

A couple …… waiting…….

Lazy Sunday afternoon dip….

Time to bond with friends

An unusual at the same time very apt wreath on the gates of a cattle ranch.

Dome of the Texas state capital building. It is said that its taller than the US capitol!!!

Feeder in my yard!

I love watching humming birds flutter on the feeder early in the mornings. I never realized how territorial they can get. It is very interesting to see them chase each other away.

Sunset- Grand Canyon

I love the play of light and shadows on the canyons. One of the better places to catch the ever beautiful Arizona skyline and famous sunsets!

Tulips in Arlington National Cemetery

“Now, if death is inevitable, if all of our accomplishments, indeed our entire solar system, shall one day lie in ruins………then what enduring meaning can there be in like? ”

Irvin D. Yalom