Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy evening -Central Park, NY

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Mridula said...

Have you managed to screen out the crowd or the place was really less crowded! The place looks so green.

Tarun Mitra said...

A really lazy photo :)

Nice shot..captured the mood well

Anonymous said...

I have never visited there and this is such a pretty photo. The trees look so inviting and the fountain looks refreshing. Hope you have a great day.

anupama said...

dear sujata,
i'm so happy to see the niece and hubby are there and my sister is coming now.
thanks for the wonderful shot.
happy photography!

काजल कुमार Kajal Kumar said...

Truly colorful.

Rajesh said...

The fountain with the fairly with the green trees in the background is wonderful. Mice shot.

bindu said...

Nice photo. Can you post larger size images or is this the largest it will let you?

French Fancy said...

I was there a few years ago and I absolutely adored it.

Sujata said...

Mridula -the place was really less crowded, I guess this lushness is one of the attractions of the park!

Tarun Mitra –Thanks. This place has an ambience of its own. It’s hard to believe that it is just a walk away from time square or Broadway!

Mildred –thanks, I am glad you liked the shot. This fountain had assort of European touch to it.

anupama – hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Do visit again.

Kajal Kumar – I agree!

Thanks Rajesh!

bindu –this is the largest It will allow me post. You can double click on the picture to see a larger version.

French Fancy- it is a charming place!

Anonymous said...

Never been there. Very nice photo--bet it's hot!

Jeevan said...

beautiful park :)

Sujata said...

the Lost Earring –thanks~ Not really, it was a bit cool the day I took this picture. I hear it rained there yesterday!

Jeevan –yes, it is! :-)