Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Texas- a pleasant surprise!!!

A couple …… waiting…….

Lazy Sunday afternoon dip….

Time to bond with friends

An unusual at the same time very apt wreath on the gates of a cattle ranch.

Dome of the Texas state capital building. It is said that its taller than the US capitol!!!


Sidhusaaheb said...

My favourite is the second one.

Was the doggie returning from a swim? :P

Sujata said...

Thanks Sidhu. Yes, he had quite a good time.

Manpreet said...

Sidhusaheb, apni mulaqat aithey wi honi si, I just chanced upon this blog, But I must say, its wonderful to see Sujata's colorful expressions

Subhamoy Chakraborti said...

But I liked the helix it staircase?

Sujata said...

Subhamoy, No I dont think so.